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MediaScope is a marketing company that provides a wide range of marketing services.


MediaScope focuses on result orientated actions; as such we analyze, plan and implement to position your business within the market in order to achieve your marketing objectives.

OUR Story 

Our aim is to build a brand or presence for our clients within their target market. This will be achieved by providing services to clients to achieve their marketing objectives, these objectives often include:

  • Sales Maximization

  • Build Brand Awareness

  • Launch New Products/Services

  • Target New Customers

  • Enhance Customer Relationships

MediaScope aims to become the primary marketing partner for our clients.

Young Business Colleagues

Why Choose US?

Is your company losing Sales?

What if we told you, that all your potential customers are online, right now!


Want to get a competitive edge on your competitors?

Just brand it! The right way! The MediaScope way!


Are you looking to expand and become the leading company in your industry?

With brand consistency comes brand loyalty!

What is the MediaScope WAY?

MediaScope believes in an analytical approach to creativity to produce top quality content for your business to flourish. A well structured plan with the correct skillful implementation breeds success.

We at MediaScope take pride in our client's success, as your success is our success!

Graphic Design fuels great marketing, thus result-orientated designs with an artistic flare is the MediaScope approach. We will give your company a face to shine among your competitors.


Marketing doesn't stop with a brand image and a good strategy, you need much more than that; you need a way to introduce yourself to the world. Your customers will come to you

with the power of advertising. 

Get your business online today with a website that is tailored to your brand image and company's specific needs. A website is the heart of your company; it's where all your customers go to find information, contact you, and even make purchases while getting to know your company a little better, all

with a click of a button.


We don't only deliver on the services we offer, we ensure that you are well informed on the progress your company has made from all marketing efforts in the form of a extensive monthly marketing report.

MediaScope's passion is deeply embedded in the values of the company and what we do for our clients. Marketing is a constant process that needs tender loving care to make it work and flourish; and we will be there every step of the way!